Wednesday, 7 May 2014



We have had a lovely long weekend here in the UK and the sun shone for most of it!  

I really do think that a 'three day weekend' should be compulsory!  It certainly made all the difference to our weekend garden projects….when usually there never seem to be enough hours in the week to keep on top of things, let alone creating new areas of the garden.

With the kitchen garden dug and weeded for the growing season, seeds on their way in the greenhouse, a new large pergola built and the numerous box balls I purchased recently, planted…..Mr. SH and I have certainly not been lazy!  Some back breaking weekends recently, but as usual the creative process outweighs the work and it has been very satisfying.  With a few more photographs to sort through, I look forward to sharing some more pictures with you soon.

For now, I leave you with these images of the beautiful Wisteria, planted only three years ago, around the end kitchen gable window.  I love the beautiful softening effect that this has, and am keen to grow more around the rest of the house.

Underplanted with tulips and alliums, it adds a gorgeous splash of Spring colour to this part of the garden…

Are you enjoying the Wisteria where you are?


Wishing you all a very happy week…

Sophia xx


  1. As always stunning photos of your garden.
    Loving the Wisteria, and at only three years old this is going to get better and better.
    I don't know how old ours is, but I think she's a very old lady, so am always glad to see her return for another year.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

    1. Thank you Liz…..the Wisteria on your house is absolutely stunning! Wonderful that it comes back so well each year. You obviously prune it well!
      Have a lovely week too,
      Sophia x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Sophia. Loving the Tulip and Allium combo. I am focusing on trying to inject more colour into the garden at the moment and that deep pink is just the ticket. I am making notes for Autumn planting.
    Paul :)

  3. Thanks Paul! The pink did have some wildly lovely clashing orange in amongst them which finished earlier…it certainly brightened Spring!
    Happy gardening….

    Sophia x