Thursday, 24 April 2014

....inspiration for a calm Thursday.


Although I adore the Spring riot of colour in the garden at the moment, in the form of my wonderfully vibrant clashing mix of purple, orange and pink tulip mixes, I am now ready for a calmer Summer flower colour palette with shades of pinks and blues and of course my enduring love of white!  With the white rose garden looking lush and ready, we wait in anticipation for its burst of 'Iceberg' blooms which in the past we have picked right up until Christmas Day.  White clematis too is about to take off, scrambling its way over the pergola to create its lovely white cocoon to sit under. 

It is the white Hydrangeas though, that I most look forward to….this year especially, as we have added considerably to the number of plants in the garden…..a mix of 'Annabel', 'Limelight' and the magnificent 'Ingrediball' varieties, which I shall look forward to sharing with you when in bloom!

For me, there is something incredibly uplifting and calming about white Hydrangeas….

The perfect informal frothy contrast to beautifully formal clipped topiary….

Making a gorgeous floral hedge, and also stunningly illuminating at night...

I can never resist the chance to have one or two starting off inside to enjoy….before being planted out in the garden.

Stunning white Hydrangeas, inside and out...

Wishing you a beautiful and calm Thursday…

Sophia xx

PS.  For a little seasonal 'Bluebell and Asparagus' inspiration, hop over to the 'Sarah Raven' blog 'Garlic and Sapphire', for my recent post….xx

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  1. Beautiful post Sophia.
    My absolute favourite!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x