Monday, 7 April 2014


 Good morning everyone, how was your weekend?   A happy one I hope!

After a fun evening out with friends on Friday evening, it was 'action stations' in the garden the rest of the weekend.  In fact, apart from our recent lovely ski break, it has been 'action stations' for a few weeks now!  We are determined to get on top of all the weeds before they set in, and have been hard at work doing this, and then mulching every bed in sight with huge deliveries of compost.  Not a girl's ideal pampering, glamorous weekend….but  hey, it has to be done!  I am looking forward to getting all this finished, so I can concentrate on the more creative and aesthetic side of gardening!

However, we took a little break from this first thing on Saturday morning, when we visited the first of several much anticipated sales at a local wholesale nursery.   Having had the investment of creating a two acre formal garden from scratch over the last five years from basically a car park  and paddocks on a former equestrian sight, these sales have been invaluable to us…..especially when it comes to beautiful but expensive topiary!

 Any of you who love boxwood, will know how addictive it can become.  Once you start to edge beds with box hedging, punctuate areas with a box ball here and another one there, anywhere else in the garden without any just looks bare and unfinished….and before you know it, you have a full on addiction!  

A number of box balls immediately made their way on to my trolley….

While my husband who is nicknamed 'Tree Man' in the family, made a beeline for some more fruit trees for the orchard.

In past sales, we have bought beautiful Rhododendrons, trays of Lavender, various hedging plants and trees, all at fantastic prices….

So, did I manage to control myself?
Well not too bad for me (although others would disagree!) but it did get to the point where there was no way that eighteen box balls and four trees were going to fit in the car, so the lovely nursery owners kindly delivered my 'treasure' on Saturday evening….

Now forget the backbreaking weeding and mulching…. this is my kind of gardening!  The kind to set my heart aflutter, and want to create a beautiful 'picture' in a new area of the garden…..

Beautiful box….

Does anyone else share my passion?
I would love to hear!

Wishing you a very happy start to the week!

Sophia xx


  1. Two box balls for £40, that's a steal! I need the address of your local nursery:)
    That's my kind of garden shopping Sophia. I cant wait to see everything in situ.

    1. A bit of a bargain Paul! Thank you…shall show progress soon!

      Sophia x

  2. Enjoy your time in the garden Sophia! Love your boxwood balls. I have two large ones in my garden as well, including a box hedge all around. It's really pretty!

    Happy week,


  3. Share your passion - I'm addicted!!
    My ideal garden is one filled with Buxus - I don't need any other plant (call me boring).
    I've just spent a very happy hour catching up with your wonderful blog - I hope you are well.
    Have a lovely week,

    1. Lovely to hear from you Liz….we have missed your posts! Thank you so much for catching up with the blog and I look forward to your lovely posts again?!

      Happy week,

      Sophia x

  4. I share your passion! Wow, those boxwood look so healthy & lush-- especially for that price that I spotted on the sign. I purchased 18 3-gallon boxwood the other day, and believe me, they look nothing close to being that robust. I got a good price, but I'll have to work on them to get them that full.

    Your garden is looking beautiful. I love the reflecting pool. It will be fun to watch your progress again this year. Your husband sounds like mine. When we go to the nursery, he heads for the trees. :)

    Happy planting,

  5. Dear Keri,

    I know you too have a passion for boxwood and other formal structural planting in the garden! Thank you for your kind comment. We all love beautiful trees don't we, but it is definitely a 'Man thing'!

    Happy gardening,

    Sophia x