Friday, 11 April 2014



All my children are Spring babies, and so we have had a month of birthday celebrations!
Our eldest son and daughter celebrated theirs in March, and today it is the turn of our youngest son who is celebrating his 20th birthday!  


I can't believe that I no longer have any teenagers and they are all so grown up….where did the time go!  I imagine many of you know that feeling?

With all our three living and working in London, it is always a treat to have them home with us for the weekend in Kent…..and even more special, when they want to invite a crowd of their friends too to stay, and share their celebrations with Mum and Dad!  (could it be the food and wine on offer we wonder…ha ha?!)

So, we have a dozen 'young' to stay tonight and arriving in time for dinner….the table in set, a relaxed menu of a selection of curries is cooked, birthday cake is made and the drinks are on ice!

Patch is a singer songwriter (you can here him here!) and his friends are a talented, interesting and fun bunch of creative young people and we always look forward to their company….

It promises to be a fun night, and no doubt there will be a song or two sung at the end of the evening!


Wishing you a very happy weekend!

Sophia xx


  1. The table looks fabulous, perfect for a Spring birthday. I so miss having my daughters friends to stay, even the chaos the next day and seemingly endless bacon sandwiches!

  2. Such a pretty table - perfect for a spring birthday celebration!! Festive and fabulous! Happy birthday to Patch. Cheers~

  3. Hi Sophia
    I love the pretty, fresh and bright table setting. You must have had a wonderful birthday celebration with food and music! Our youngest turned 20 in February so it was farewell to the teenage years for us as well.

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  5. i can only imagine what fun all of you will have. lovely table and room!

  6. Hi Sophia, I don't know how this post passed me by!
    Your table looks divine, and I'm sure a brilliant time was had by all!
    Hope you have a lovely evening,
    Liz x

  7. Nothing better than a houseful of young people & the inevitable banter that goes with them. Patch's voice & music are must be proud! Xx