Thursday, 6 February 2014



Coffee tables…..all shapes and sizes….a key central anchor in a room.

I love mine.  They are where I enjoy a plant or fresh flowers, or bowls of bulbs, as at the moment.  I burn favourite scented candles and keep my favourite design books on them, to be close at hand.  We have a reflective glass topped table in our light bright kitchen sitting area, and a beautiful, large dark wood chest which I have had for many years, in our more formal sitting room.  I am also a fan of beautifully upholstered ottomans…..a favourite with many clients of mine over the years.

For something a little different though, how about  an original 'up cycled' coffee table?
There are some very inventive people out there, who have created a table out of something utilitarian, simple or quirky, making something unique and lovely…..

Love the first picture….definitely one for my 'dream ski chalet' file…..and this one above, displays the stunning grain of a beautiful slab of wood.

Who can believe that these lowly former pallets could be transformed in to something so stylish….

Or that slices of tree trunk stacked could form a rustic, quirky surface….in the right setting?

Reused trunks….doubling up as valuable storage.

Imagine this piece perhaps spent a former life in an architect's or designer's office…or perhaps used to hold beautiful old maps?

Not so sure about this last one?!  You have to take your hat off to its creator though…..this has to be the ultimate in 'up cycling'!

Do you have a favourite style of coffee table that you use at home?  I would love to hear….

Have a lovely day!


  1. These are all very creative and add character to the rooms. My favourite at home is completely glass and I too love to have my favourite design books and scented candles there.

  2. Great ideas there! My favorite is the pallets turned coffee table - brilliant! Now I gotta go find me some pallets.....

  3. I tend to use our natuzzi poof as our coffee table. Love the first one