Thursday, 16 January 2014



A busy day today…..immersed in the colour Pink!
Working on an enjoyable work commission to update a client's daughter's bedroom…….a simple brief… to ideas…..but one thing for sure… has to be pink!

Pink here at home can be found in my own daughter's bedroom.  From a little girl, throughout her teens, and now as an independent 22 year old,  she still loves her pink bedroom.  In her own flat in London she has gone for a change and has chosen a gorgeous cool, glamorous turquoise….but for her visits home, I have promised to keep her bedroom exactly is it is….pink!

The rest of my home and wardrobe are not renowned for that much colour….calm, understated white, neutrals, brown and black are my thing….but there's nothing like a punch of pink at times, whether in the form of a pretty scarf or bag,  or a vase of beautiful pink Roses or Peonies to make me smile and bring a room to life.

So to brighten this bleak, windy and rainy Thursday evening, I leave you with a little 'Pink' inspiration and loveliness…...

In the form of soft pink candlelight…..

Glamourous pink accessories…

A delicious 'Pink Martini'…..

Birthday balloons….

The coolest, girliest drive….

Roses, roses, roses….

A facade to make you smile….

A 'Wellie' to brighten the rainiest day….

A Spring blossom display to remember….

A luxurious recline….

And lastly…..a very important cause.

Sophia xx


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  1. Ha brilliant Sophia. I too keep the pink input to english roses, phlox , the gorgeous peony etc. What a lovely commission to have, I am sure you will work your magic on the brief and the girl in question will be delighted. Is it just me or does this seem like a very grey winter so far?! Xxx

  2. Beautiful pink post Sophia! Gorgeous images as always.I love to wear pink and I do have a few touches of it in my home decor...but mostly my flowers are what bring the pink into my home.

  3. Pink is my favorite color & my oldest daughter's as well. I love seeing inspiration posts in pink.

    I'm almost finished updating my daughter's room in a pink palette, just a few finishing touches are left. I used a pale pink from Sherwin Williams for the walls called Dogwood White. I don't like Sherwin Williams paint but really liked this color. If I had it to do again, I might use Farrow & Ball Middleton pink.

    The bed is a French style caned bed with head & foot board from Pottery Barn. I hope to show pictures of the room in the spring.

    I'll look forward to seeing what you choose for this project. It sounds so fun!