Saturday, 11 January 2014



Good morning!
I hope all is well with you this bright and sunny Saturday?  After the relentless wind and rain recently, it was so uplifting to wake this morning to a light frost, blue skies and most importantly….sunshine!

A very brief post this morning….and I promise a longer one in the next day or so… I need to get out in to the garden and enjoy this wonderful day. Time to sort and clean the greenhouse, and sow some belated winter salads and get my sweet peas going.  Before I go, I must share with you the pictures of a new little resident here at home….a wild Mink!  We happened to spot him by the pond right in front of the house….beautiful black fur, and mischievous face……quite a rare sighting I think, and a first for us here in the garden.

Perhaps not quite so sweet……when we realised he was after all our fish!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend……speak soon, and thank you so much for reading me!

Sophia xx

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  1. Dear Sophia,

    Wouuww!!! This is fantastic! I enjoyed the pictures of the mink in your garden! Gorgeous to see!