Thursday, 30 January 2014



Happy Thursday, and I do hope you have had a lovely week so far?  
Something that has not been so 'lovely' recently, has been the weather here in the UK!  When will it ever stop raining?  My dogs are decidedly unhappy, and I find myself having to snatch any rare respite in the weather to leave my desk and take the poor things out for their beloved walks.  We are avoiding the surrounding fields as they are a mud bath to navigate, and the woods have had a gushing stream running through them with all the excess rain.  Instead we have been enjoying walking along the relatively quiet country lanes, which has made a nice change, and is often the source of some inspiration of sorts.

This morning's inspiration came to me as I walked past a particularly pretty cottage about half a mile down the lane from us.  Spreading along the length of their long gravel driveway, leading up to the front door, was a complete sea of Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis)….so beautiful and uplifting on this grey and dismal day.  It occurred to me that I still have no Snowdrops in the garden…..something that for some reason seems to miss my bulb planting extravaganza each year…..and such a shame, as their bright and cheery, little white heads are the first thing to emerge in the garden at this time of year, and such a tonic.

Well, I am determined not to miss the boat again….and shall be ordering mine pronto!
Now is the perfect time to plant them, and the most reliable form is 'in the green'….still in active growth with their leaves on.   Quick to spread, if then lifted and divided whilst 'in the green' each year….

It may take some time for my modest bulb order to spread to resemble this spectacular display above….but in years to come, who knows!

You can find 'Snowdrops in the Green', by visiting here, here and here.

Wishing you a happy and hopefully a slightly dryer and brighter end to your week!

Sophia xx

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