Thursday, 2 January 2014



Happy New Year!
How did you celebrate?  
Are you a big party person?  Or do you prefer a quieter entrance in to the New Year?
As I said on my previous post, we prefer to celebrate New Year a little quieter…..unless spent with close friends and family, we like to just cook something special and kick back with a bottle of bubbles, and not be too nostalgic!  For me, New Year's Day is a really positive 'celebration' and it is always lovely to do something special, rather than start the new year half asleep with a hangover!
Yesterday, for the third year running now (I think that makes it a 'tradition'?) my husband and I have driven to Whitstable on the North Kent Coast, which is about an hour from where we live, for a wonderful seafood lunch at The Whitstable Oyster Company Fish Restaurant.
As we set off yesterday in a major storm, with the wind and the rain and flooding on the roads, we did question our madness in venturing out, let alone an hour's drive just for lunch?  When we got to Whitstable, the place was like a ghost town!  A far cry from the summer when we visited…..Whitstable has become very popular in recent years, with many Londoner's buying second homes there….and none of the interesting interiors or clothes boutiques were open, and the beach was deserted, with the occasional person to be seen dashing through the downpour.

The Whitstable Oyster Company has been around since the 1400's, with an interesting history.  Today, they still farm and supply top quality oysters, both native and rock,  and the restaurant which is housed in the original oyster stores is right on the beach, with stunning views.  

Cosy and warm, it was a welcome relief to get inside and out of the stormy weather outside.  Within no time, the place was absolutely packed with people enjoying the wonderful fresh seafood and lovely atmosphere……candlelit and very relaxed…..the perfect New Year's Day lunch.


Our half a lobster each was so delicious……although with an inspiring menu of the freshest fish, as well as their world famous oysters, we were spoilt for choice….

If you are ever in this part of the world, I would urge you to visit…..whether in the depths of winter for a cosy long lunch, or in the summer when you can enjoy the beach, and this fashionable, quirky coastal town.  

The Royal Native Oyster Stores, Horsebridge, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1BU


So….how did you celebrate the end/start of the year?  I would love to hear!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and inspiring 2014!

Sophia xx

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  1. Hi Sophia!!!!!

    All the best for you and your family in 2014!!!!

    Looks like a great place to make it a tradition!!! I love these old places that have a lot of history!!! That's what I love about Britain...History!!!

    We stayed home as we always do and watch the fireworks go off from the Seattle Space Needle. This years was spectacular!!! We visit Seattle quite a bit, it being so close to us here in Vancouver, BC. We have 3 cats and 1 dog and the fireworks around us going off, scares them, so, we cuddle them reassuring them every things ok.

    Have a great weekend!!!