Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Good morning!  
I do hope your week is going well? I can't believe it is Wednesday already!
Since our lovely party here on Sunday for my mother, I hit the week running with a trip to London first thing on Monday morning, to visit a client's soon to be acquired city 'Pied à Terre'.
She needed a quick decision on the exact layout for this compact, yet stylish, bright south facing space which also had the precious commodity of a large roof terrace off the open plan kitchen/dining/living space....I was so taken with this delightful flat and would have adored to have it myself!  With the agent hovering with keys in hand, we had roughly thirty minutes to measure, assess, and come up with a workable solution which would then dictate our shopping list.....always an enjoyable aspect of my job is to go shopping for others, which feeds a girl's love of shopping, and yet saves her own bank account!

Our main aim was to quickly choose the size and style of sofa for this bijoux space and get it ordered, baring in mind the often several weeks lead time....also, once a key piece like this is chosen, then further furniture, style and colour choices tend to follow easily.
I have worked with this particular lovely client for several years now, having had the privilege of decorating her beautiful country home throughout,  so we work well together and usually make quick, decisive choices together which is always a joy! 

 A modern 'Mid Century' sofa style immediately caught our eye....clean lined, stylish and comfortable, and importantly for the small sitting area in question, the neat low slung proportions were perfect.  It offered the modern look she wanted and yet its retro styling gave the opportunity to mix with traditional pieces in the future.  Isn't it interesting that this enduring design style from the 60's is as popular today as it was back then.....which proves that 'Good style never goes out of fashion'!

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Wishing you a very happy and productive week!

Sophia xx

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