Monday, 15 April 2013

Photos: Sophia Home

 Monday morning and the sun in shining!
Bright, mild and optimistic......

Photo: Sophia Home
Morning sunshine on the back deck, overlooking the rose garden......

Photo: Sophia Home

How was your weekend?
I do hope you had a lovely one.....

Ours was relaxing and productive.  I managed to do a lot of the Spring cleaning and sorting out that I had planned, and made good progress with seed sowing in my greenhouse and kitchen garden.

A cup of tea in hand.....warm sunshine streaming in through the glass of the greenhouse.....this is one of my favourite places to go to be
calm and peaceful. Simple surroundings, away from life's distractions.

I happily wiled away a couple of hours, just pottering.  Planting courgettes, cucumbers, beans and herbs, to name a few.......and was pleased to see that broad beans, lettuce, pak choi and chard had embraced the warmth and popped their heads up through the soil in pots that I had planted a couple of weeks ago.  

Outside in the kitchen garden, raised beds are ready for planting......weeded and manured, waiting in anticipation to grow what my husband teases me, is probably enough vegetables to feed a third world country!  'Why are you planning to grow so much again, when it is just the two of us at home now?!'  he laughs.......

Well, that's probably a good question!

Photo: Sophia Home
Kitchen Garden

The answer is simply, that I love everything about my kitchen garden....and the simple enjoyment I get from growing edible plants from seed....just perhaps rather a lot of them!
I love the idea of growing the freshest, organic ingredients to cook with at home for us and to share with family and friends..... but yes, there could well be some weekly deliveries up to our children in London, if everthing I am growing takes off!

Name a vegetable, and I shall want to grow it...always fun and challenging to try something new, or a new variety.....this year,  I am growing Brussels sprouts flowers heads called 'Petit Posy' and also Celariac for the first time.....fingers crossed!

Photo: Sophia Home
Garden at the back of the in its second year since planting,
waiting for Tulips, Alliums and Roses to bloom.

I know that many of you, like me, love your is your Spring planting and seed sowing going?  I would love to hear from you.

Have a very happy week....
We are off to Sweden for a few days tomorrow, and I look forward to telling you all about our trip!

Sophia xx


  1. Dear Sophia,
    Here the sun is shining too! I am so looking froward to summer!
    Love love the pictures you took of the back of your home! It is so beautiful! And it will be even more beautiful if all your plants and flowers will bloom!
    You really have a beautiful garden!

  2. Oh, I love seeing your edible garden! The boxwood edging is gorgeous. What variety of boxwood do you use? I have been thinking of using Dwarf English Boxwood to edge my vegetable plots but I wonder if it will be cold-hardy enough.

    Our garden will probably spend most of the spring under construction, but we have to start somewhere. :)

    I'm glad the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.


    1. Hi Keri,

      Thank you so much for your very kind comment! The boxwood variety we have used is a common 'Superviren' variety. Most box, as far as I know, are cold hardy....ours have certainly been happy throughout the past two harsh winters.

      Good luck with your garden project, and I shall so look forward to seeing the results!

      Sophia x