Saturday, 27 April 2013


Photos: Sophia Home

Early evening sunshine streams in to the house tonight.....

After a hard day's work in the garden, a cold glass of wine on the deck to survey our hard work is very welcome....

A chilled and relaxed evening planned, with pasta and a movie.....bliss!

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday evening, whatever you have planned.

Sophia xx


  1. Your Saturday evening sound good Sophia! What a pretty house you live in. It looks like a barn conversion. Am I right? We don't have houses like that in Holland, but I like them very much. They are so light and spacious. You decorated it beautifully!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  2. Hi Sophia!!!!

    Your pictures are beautiful!!! I'm glad that you took the time to have a glass of wine out on the deck after working so hard on your garden. Your house looks gorgeous!!

    What was the weather in Kent today? Here in Vancouver, BC, we had a semi-wet-day and look forward to sunny skies tomorrow.

    Have a great week!!