Saturday, 23 February 2013


Good morning!  I do hope you are all having a great start to your weekend?  Mine started perfectly last night.......We went over to my mother and her husband for a delicious dinner.  Expecting it to be just the four of us, she announced that she had two mystery extra guests?  What a lovely surprise when we realised that those two mystery guests were our sons!  We are an incredibly close family, but naturally they are now both busy with their young adult lives, living and working in London and it is not always easy to all get together quite as often as we would like.  My mother (whom they adore) had hatched the plan and bless them, they had cancelled their busy social lives to come down to the country at short notice for what was an extremely fun and entertaining family dinner, and to stay at home for the night..............Result?.......'Happy Mummy'......'Happy Grandmother'!  We just wish our daughter, who regular readers will know is working as a Private Chef in the French Alps, was home too...........roll on April for her return!

So, a happy and lazy start to the weekend today with cooked breakfast for hungry sons before they return to London, and no urgent plans.......a bit of a luxury.  

Second lovely surprise so far this weekend, was the postman delivering a parcel, which turned out to be the very generous 'book giveaway' by American blogger Debby Steel, which I recently won!  For any of you who have not visited Debby's beautifully stylish blog 'Inspired Design', I would urge you to make a visit!  Debby also designs beautiful blog layouts for anyone wishing to have help with this.  

The book that Debby has so kindly sent me is 'Romantic Style' by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman, with stunning photography by Debi Treloar.  If you adore romantic, elegant interiors, filled with soft colours, vintage finds, flowers and candles, then this is a fabulous feast for the eyes.  

The weather is freezing outside this weekend, so I think you will find me curled up on the sofa in front of the fire this afternoon with a big cup of tea, reading and dreaming about romantic interiors.

I shall leave you with a taste of this gorgeous book......

All photos: Romantic Style

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing weekend!

Sophia xx


  1. You've got a lovely start for this weekend! That book looks stunning! Lucky you. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a lovely weekend surprise Sophia. Romantic Style looks like the perfect addition to your coffee table to banish these grey days. Roll on the colours of spring:)

    1. Absolutely Paul! Hope you've had a good weekend.....


  3. Lovely way to spend the weekend! I had one of my sons at home this weekend too, so I had a very nice weekend also :-))
    Regards / Paula

  4. Me again....The book looks very nice /Paula

  5. It's always lovely when our children are home, isn't it! Glad you had a good weekend, and yes I would really recommend this lovely book.