Friday, 18 January 2013


Beautiful white tulips to brighten a cold snowy January day........


Don't you just love Fridays?  I appreciate that there are those that have jobs which involve working over the weekend, but for most, it marks the end of the week and we can all look forward to two days of fun, hobbies, socialising....or just to chill out and relax with family and friends or just in peace and quiet.

Started my day super energetically with a new exercise class - 'Body Combat'.......OMG is all I will say!  A high intensity martial arts style workout routine, involving a lot of kick boxing style moves and lunges, which promises to kick your body in to shape in record time!  I liked the sound of that, which inspired me to go in the first place.  It did not disappoint!  Although a tough hour, it leaves you feeling fantastic - a real natural high.  I shall return next week!

A fun weekend is planned, with eldest son and girlfriend visiting and a Sunday birthday lunch party at close friends.  Menu all planned - seafood pasta tonight and pheasant casserole tomorrow (recipes to follow!) - delicious.

The snow has started this afternoon here in Kent with freezing temperatures.  Definately a weekend to cosy up indoors and get on with projects.   Wishing everyone a happy weekend, whatever you have planned.

Sophia xx

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