Monday, 28 January 2013


Good morning!   I do hope you have all had a happy and relaxing weekend?

Foregoing the champagne at this time! 
A good cup of coffee is my priority on a Monday morning......

A bright and dry start to the day, we look out hopefully at the landscape
in anticipation of the woods in the distance bursting in to leaf in a few weeks time......

All Photos: Sophia Home

Enough coffee and dreaming, time to get back to my desk to do some work!

Wishing you a calm start to your week, wherever you are and whatever it holds.......

Sophia xx


  1. Such a fantastic idea to start a day slowly and relaxingly with a cup of coffee:) Hope you are having a calm day! Hugs, deZeal
    PS. I found your previous post very inspiring, I must say. I hope myself for starting the new year in a fit mode, unfortunately some horrid viruses prevented me from doing it. Well, I will have to start from February then:)

  2. Thank you deZeal, I am glad you found the previous post inspiring! Do hope your virus goes soon, and that you can start feeling fit and well soon.

    Sophia x

  3. hi Sophia! Welcome to blog land! Your house is stunning!! I looked around a bit and absolutely love the house and your design. And that view..... wonderful! So happy you didn't listen to the voice on the phone;):)
    all my best,

    1. Thank you so much Joan - so kind. I have so enjoyed watching your renovation, and your wonderful eye for antiques - I shall look forward to reading further posts.

      Sophia x

  4. Ah, yes, of my favorite things! What a gorgeous view you have. xo

  5. Hello Debby,

    Thank you so much! Have a good day and enjoy your coffee.....

    Sophia x