Sunday, 2 December 2012



Today the first Sunday of advent's candle has been lit.  I adore December and can never wait to get started on decorating the house and preparing for Christmas.  Although we shall be away this year for Christmas itself, skiing with 'little chef' in the French Alps, along with our boys - I still plan to decorate and have not one but two large Christmas trees in the house this year!

Maybe it is because I am a December baby?  Maybe it is the 'Swenglish' blood in me?  But I love winter and fortunately have never suffered from  the 'SAD' syndrome that so many poor people get in these greyer months - instead I positively thrive!  The Danes have a wonderful expression called 'Hygge' which does not have a direct translation but is their word for 'cosiness' is about being by the fire with candles lit and great comfort food.  Here's wishing you all a 'Hygge' December.....!

Sophia xxx

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