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If someone was to ask me where my 'Spiritual Home' is, it would certainly have to be the mountains, and more specifically, the Alps.  Clean air, raw natural beauty, and mother nature at its finest.

Each year, Mr. W and I have the greatest pleasure of spending a whole week with our brood in this snowy paradise, which now they are young adults who have left home, is particularly special.  With the addition of the eldest two's other halves and a great friend of our youngest son, we are an enthusiastic party of eight who love our skiing and partying alike!

We have skied in many places over the years, but for the last few years (and no doubt for many years to come hopefully) our hearts have settled on the lovely unspoilt resort of Champoluc in Italy.  Nestled in the Aosta Valley with the magnificent Val da Ousta ski area to enjoy, it's an absolute gem.  What makes our visits so particularly special, is a magical little hotel called 'Frantze'.  

Positioned up in the mountains, high above the village, it is reached only on skis, by foot or on scadoo.  Owned by the lovely Francesca and her wonderful family, whose warmth and hospitality is beyond touching.  Each year greeting us as family and taking care of our every need.  

'Frantze le Rascard' was originally built in 1721 and the family have in recent years, lovingly and sympathetically restored this wonderful former mountain farm and hunting lodge.  Now a charming and very comfortable nine bedroom hotel, but without losing any of the original history and character of its past.

Sadly I have no photographs of the cosy bedrooms and interiors, or the charming warm dining room which is built in to the rock face or of the maginificent four course dinners prepared for us by 'Auntie' Antonella in the kitchen and served by the lovely 'Nona' Simonetta and her assistant Maddy, but I'm sure you get the picture of this very lovely and personal place.

Above is one of the unconverted outbuildings, left untouched for decades since someone once lived and worked here....if only those walls could talk?

How beautiful is this little heart shaped window in our bedroom?  Leading the eye towards the magnificent view down the valley.

The food in this region of Italy is second to none...although I think it's probably fair to say that it's probably near impossible to get a bad meal anywhere in Italy!

Lovingly hand made pasta dishes and as you can see, the most incredible charcuterie and cheese boards.  All beautiful quality local mountain cheeses and air dried meats from the Aosta Valley.

With my 'Snow girls"

We were blessed with amazing snow and blue skies and sunshine....

Special time with our family...


...and wonderful memories.

Do you have a special place you call your 'Spiritual Home'? 

 I would love to hear!

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